What is Learning to Take Up Space?

Learning to Take Up Space was formed in 2018 by Alicen Scott.

With a lifelong desire to help others and the obsessive need to tell her own story, Alicen created Learning to Take Up Space.

Learning to Take Up Space is a site dedicated to survivors of many kinds who, with the help of each other, are learning to reclaim their space and their lives.

All too often people learn to make themselves increasingly smaller until they become invisible, losing themselves in the process, in order to survive situations.

Learning to Take Up Space seeks to help survivors know that not only are they not alone, but they also deserve to take up space, to live their lives unapologetically and to find their own way.

Life after trauma isn’t easy, but it is possible one step at a time.

Learning to Take Up Space does not discriminate on the types of trauma we talk about. Whether a bully, a childhood of abuse, rape, or just someone who has seen too many horrible things, everyone is welcome to share their story at Learning to Take Up Space.