I Fell In Love With Me

Every day I find one new thing to love about me like

How My hair is as defiant as me

Or how my freckles blossom in the sun

How I can bend and move and reform my very skeleton as my needs dictate


Sometimes I’ll be outside of myself

Watching this maven of meekness serve her family

In an awkward, demure confidence

Sometimes, I’ll hear her,

a friendly stranger-

Allez a quick joke with her rapier mind,

(which she developed to keep up with her father-

Who consistently made the room rumble with glee)

And the bellows of my chest honk out a chortle

Sometimes I hear her singing and I want to rock her

Because I know she sings of and for her mothers’ pains and triumphs

I know she prays they can still hear them.

Sometimes I want to kiss her skin,

The supple leather that houses an epic that,

Through its pops and creaks,

Tells of Long Tired Nights that

Rocked babies,

Consoled men,

Healed muscles,

Counseled sisters,

Rescued friends,

And even though desperate, never begged for more than its due.

I fell in love with Me

Because I am the only one who is responsible for her and

I need to tend to her preciously – precociously

For when these rafters fall,

No one else will ever feel it all.


Submitted by: Abagail Liu

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