Little Victories

Hey everybody,

I wanted to share a little victory I had the other day with all of you.

About a month ago, I had a traumatic experience with a phlebotomist that ignored my existence when I told her I have PTSD and I needed her to be patient with me.

This lady acted as if I hadn’t even spoken. She no more acknowledged my existence than she did the wall behind me. When I started hyperventilating she kicked my partner out of the room. I froze and dissociated, the only way I could get through it. When she was done I ran into the bathroom to try and calm myself before we left. At that point I just wanted out of there and I didn’t report anything had happened.

A few days ago, I was back at her clinic with my partner and I mentioned to the front desk what happened. She asked that I speak with her manager about it and I agreed to.

I reported what happened to me. I stood up for myself and managed to get through the conversation without being triggered. That is HUGE for me. I told the manager about this website and my mission to help people and told her a huge part of that for me is learning to take up my own space.

I walked away from it feeling so proud of myself. It was just a single moment, but in that moment I was putting my foot down and telling someone they can not treat me this way and get away with it. The manager agreed and assured me I never have to deal with that tech again. I can not describe the relief I felt hearing that.


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