Sometimes I feel invisible–
Overlooked like an old, familiar piece of the daily landscape–
Ubiquitous, yet still ignored,
Like a leaf trembling on a branch two weeks before winter,
Already dead and beckoning her chariot
En route astride a mercenary zephyr.

Sometimes I feel too big,
All eyes on me as I flaccidly endeavor
To prove myself worthy of the trite acclaim–
A reluctant diva taking to the stage
to be judged by the panel
after unleashing my aria of exasperation into the stratosphere
all while sweating off my carefully applied face.

Alice never left any real guidance
on how to weather the effects of
Wonderland’s potions, pills, and possibilities
(or which she found easiest to manage)
Except to try to strike the right balance for the desired treatment
And to never be afraid to keep the roses white
Even when your cards come at you with red-dipped paintbrushes.

I guess, through Prayer,
I’ll find my Way–
The leaf will shake no more & be a participant in a child’s autumn fun,
The diva will find always her voice & sing through her losses.

Oh, I do wish I hadn’t cried so much.


Submitted by Abagail Liu

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