Best Friend

Have you ever had a best friend?

I have.

You know the person you tell all your secrets to. The one who you trust more than anyone else. The one who’s always there for you no matter what.

Maybe that friendship started slowly or maybe you were instant friends but most people have a best friend.

Our friendship started out like most do. We had a lot in common, bad things happened to both of us. We bonded over the years. Told each other all of our secrets.

Then slowly we started drifting apart..

I started bettering myself and my life.

She felt no longer needed.

She lashed out.

I took the brunt of it. I thought it would pass.

It kept getting worse.

Further and further apart we became.

Until I had the strength to put my foot down.

I said, “no more.”

She blamed me.

Labeled me.

Used my weaknesses against me, after all she was my best friend, she knew me well.

I stayed strong.

She didn’t expect this.

She lashed out harder; tried taking other friends down with her.

I ignored it.

Eventually things calmed down.

I am rebuilding.

I am okay.

I am my own best friend now.



Submitted by Anon

2 thoughts on “Best Friend

  1. I had a trusted best friend who turned out to not be the friend I thought they were. Seeing things written about me and others in my circle hurt like hell. Nobody wanted to hear my side of things. I was the “bad person”
    I now keep people at a distance. The only person I can completely trust with my whole heart is me, and even at times that can be difficult.
    Hugs to you


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